Undergraduate Students

Lola WhittinghamAnjali Choudhury

Alumni: University Prep High School, Washington
Major: Global Health Studies, BA (graduation December 2024)
Awards and Honors: Provost’s Honor Roll and Dean’s List 
Email: amc920@miami.edu

I am a junior undergraduate student majoring in Global Health Studies and minoring in Geography. I am passionate about improving access to safe water and sanitation in underserved communities. This motivated me to join GaIL, where I work with Dr.Moise to investigate the failure of water sanitation systems and its negative impact on public health. For the summer of 2023, I received the Beyond the Book Summer Award for Research-Based Learning through The College of Arts and Sciences. I hope to contribute to finding sustainable solutions that improve the health of vulnerable populations.   

Lola WhittinghamAbby Adera

Alumni: Lecanto High School, Florida
Major: Global Health Studies/ Public Health, BA (graduation December 2024)
Awards and Honors: Stamps Scholarship, Foote Fellow, Plus One Scholar
Email: ala160@miami.edu

I am an undergraduate senior studying public health and global health. My global health coursework has gifted me with an understanding of the intersection of culture, illness, and policy and has broadened my understandings of the many players in healthcare. My greatest joy at the University of Miami thus far has been starting the organization Project Public Health, where students sharing a love for the field can jump in feet first through lecture series, global service trips, certifications, and a mentorship program with MPH students at the Miller School of Medicine.  I am very excited to be apart of GaIL because I want to sharpen my eye for the geospatial side of public health research. My research interests lie in the spread and control of vector-borne disease and the socioeconomic factors underlying health inequities. 

Cooper LeppardCooper LeppardAlumni: Concord High School, Concord, New Hampshire
Major: Global Health Studies, BS (anticipated graduation May 2025)
Awards and Honors:: Foote Fellow
Email: cjl198@miami.edu

I am a Sophomore undergraduate student and a Foote Fellow. My major is Global Health Studies (Pre-Med), Biochemistry and Nutrition. I also minoring in Biological Physics. After taking Dr. Moise’ Introduction to Global Health class, I was motivated to join GaIL and begin my undergraduate research career working with Dr. Moise on her project focusing on COVID-19 and the efficacy of city-wide virus mitigation policies. I hope to one day attend medical school and promote equitable and accessible medicine for all.

Charlotte Hoffman

Valentina Waschbusch

Alumni: New Hope-Solebury High School New Hope, Pennsylvania  
Major: Microbiology & Immunology (anticipated graduation May 2023)
Email: vxw104@miami.edu 

I am a sophomore undergraduate student and VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at the University of Miami Women's Network Chapter and an active member in Partners in Health chapter. I am interested in global health disparities, advocacy for underrepresented groups in population health and the impact of complex emergencies focusing on the social and contextual phenomena underlying health outcomes. 

Lola WhittinghamLola WhittinghamAlumni: Middleton High School, Wisconsin
Major: Microbiology & Immunology, BSc (graduation December 2020)
Awards and Honors:Foote Fellow
Email: lrw47@miami.edu

I am a senior undergraduate student studying Microbiology and Immunology, with minors in chemistry, public health and Spanish. For the summer of 2020, I received the Beyond the Book Summer Award for Research-Based Learning from the College of Arts and Sciences. I am interested in studying the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Florida mosquito control programs and arbovirus surveillance, the health effects of crises such as pandemics and natural disasters, and the health of vulnerable, underserved populations. 

 William BiceAshley Archer

Alumni: Marietta High School, Marietta, Georgia
Major: Health Sciences, BSc (anticipated graduation May 2021)
Email: aja240@miami.edu

I am majoring in Health Science and minoring in Public Health. As an aspiring physician, I am a mentor in the Pre-Health Peer Mentoring Program through the Office of Pre-Health Advising and Mentoring. As a mentor, I have been able to guide underrepresented students in their journeys towards becoming health professionals. Currently, I am interested in the Covid-19 burden and the quality and effectiveness of healthcare delivery in vulnerable populations, such as ethnic-minorities, undocumented immigrants and immigrant detainees. I am also interested in how the demographics of geographical regions correlate with the disease burden within such regions.

Charlotte HoffmanTiara Ranson

Alumni: Brookline High School, Massachusetts 
Major: Global Health & Sociology, BS (anticipated graduation May 2022)
Email: txr372@miami.edu 

I am a senior undergraduate student studying Global Health and Sociology. After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school to receive a master’s in public health. I have received acceptances from eleven schools, including the Universities of Yale, Emory and Columbia. I plan to use my MPH to create change in the maternal healthcare field and to dismantle health disparities. Specifically, through my community-based participatory research, I hope to make a positive impact for women locally and aboard who self-identify as Black.